Workshop for tactical urbanism “The civic center of Chisinau: Zaikin Park” (Moldova) / Feb 2016

Organised by  Oberliht  (
The workshop of tactical urbanism “The civic center of Chisinau: Zaikin Park”, took place  between 18-20 february at Zpace (House of Gubernial Zemstva), Chisinau, Moldova.

The workshop was addressed to architects, urbanists, designers, artists, students from the Universities of Moldova who perform studies in these fields. The goal of the workshop consisted  of:

a) the elaboration of a plan of tactical landscaping of Zaikin Park* for the following years

b) the organisation of an architectural intervention involving the community of local inhabitants and the Arhilitic Association as part of an architecture camp, which will take place in summer 2016.

The collectives of architects studioBASAR (Bucharest, Romania,, Straddle3 and WWB (Arquitecturas Colectivas network, Barcelona, Spain,, Pixel [13] (Marseille, France,, Archilitic (Chisinau, Moldova, were invited and  presenting their working experience alongside the other participants. During the workshop, contributing to a favourable medium for producing creative ideas in common.

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“Zaikin Park – a park for the community” is a project of rehabilitation and revitalization of Zaikin Park – a half abandoned square situated at the intersection of Sf. Andrei and Iv. Zaikin streets, which we initiated in 2013.

Beyond the historical analysis of the district, sociological analysis, community work organized with the involvement of the artists and inhabitants of the area surrounding the park, negotiations with the City Hall of Chisinau and cooperation with the municipal subdivisions, through this workshop Oberliht aim to start the process of rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the park with the involvement of some collectives of local and invited architects.
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Founded in 2000 and based on rather long working experience as an independent cultural actor, „Oberliht” aims to interconnect dispersed artistic scenes and build an artistic community making use of public spaces. The Association aims to provide support to young artists and contribute to their professional development. It develops and maintains interdisciplinary platforms and projects aiming to connect the local and international contemporary art and culture initiatives, and advocates for a strong and independent cultural sector in Moldova and in the region.

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This workshop is supported by the European Cultural Foundation as part of “Collective Action for the Commons” program.